I'm proud to share that I created my new personal website/portfolio from scratch using a basic template created by HTML5 UP. With my first time constructing a website thoroughly with html/css, java, google analytics, I just realized, this is just the beginning of something big.

Embracing Time Travel

Its week 5 of 8 already here at the Startup Institute Summer Program, seriously reminding me of my military career and the 8 1/2 weeks from basic military training. I can't really speak for the ones who graduated college but going back to my transition from civilian to airman, We were still called trainees but with less than half way to go, we finally got our nametapes on our uniform and truly started to see the finish line. I don't have a degree yet but the growth I've seen my SIBlings go through since day 1, to where we are now... starting a countdown of days left to finding a good fit at a startup company, it is quite amazing and can't wait to hear everyone's new jobs at the new startups start rolling in soon.

The Power of Emotional Intelligence

During week 1 at SIB, our instructors had a session on the power of emotional intelligence. I previously wrote "The power of emotional requires oneself to work well individually and to help motivate other team members. It's the ability to be a good leader and follower to get the work done on a timely basis to achieve the results that must be completed." As I try to look ahead of my new life chapter at a startup company, I truly realize, the startup scene is not for everyone, it may require long hours, hard work and a huge amount of stress. But by the end of this 8 week program at the Startup Institute, I will be confident I obtained the new and needed skills and emotional intelligence that will help me guide this new life direction. I'm far from retirement and defintitely not tired yet. Soon I'll be posting one blog and email newsletter a week. As I grow and keep learning everyday, I hope you connect and continue to read my current news and updates.