Top Hit List Updated Every Chapter - July 30, 2014 BY 'VIN

Do you have a hit list? Not a list of the most wanted that you could capture and earn reward money for. Not the best songs you are currently crazy about nor the list of people that dislike you. A list of people you can follow in their footsteps by learning and obtaining the use of skills they used before directing you to a job you want to do in the future. Learn what given knowledge is shared to you in written content in books or on the World Wide Web or even through an educational class that is available to you. But I believe it’s good to look at another small approach that I've been using for quite some time and hope it can benefit you in some way.

Mentors and Professionals

When you think of the certain direction you want to go in your life, it’s good to have elders or others that can give you guidance and wisdom to help you get to where you want to be. I have many lists, maybe too many, but just to give a few, I have a list of people I’m fortunate to have met, philanthropists, business leaders, artists, experts in my current field, teachers, professional sports athletes, entrepreneurs, and so forth. Now in the data / networking age, it is easy to research how to reach out to someone or receive help when you've reached a roadblock you cannot overcome. There are even hotlines and social media outlets that allow you to connect to like-minded people when your immediate circle is not supportive or guiding you in the right direction. You can go fast and furious by yourself, or you can cruise and enjoy the ride with many.

Connection Equals Strength

What would ‘this person’ do in this particular situation? Why did this happen to me? What would they do differently? No matter where you are in the world, there is someone out there who has or is going through the same experiences you are. Maybe not in the same order you are experiencing things, but in general, there are certain things in life that happen eventually to everyone. That’s where growth and change constantly happens on a daily basis. Testing your limits and reaching for greater heights is a small challenge where your “list” may guide you to flying over obstacles in your path.


The thought of giving back when it comes the time when you are called upon, it will bring back memories that allow you to realize how far you have come, and show you the people who have motivated you to get where you are. It is not worth your precious time here on earth to gloom over failed attempts, someone who spoke ill to you or behind your back, hurt you in any form, or anything negative for that matter. Nor is it healthy for you to hold all of your strong emotions and feelings inside. If you haven’t already, start looking at an ideal path you wish to pursue with support from your lists and maybe one day, you can one look back and say, I could not have done it without this these people in my life.

We grow and expand our mind’s mentality through experience and practice so hopefully one day, we eventually reach where we want to be. Maybe someone in the future will one day put you in their “top hit list”. But to have those people who helped you, guided you, and molded you to be a better person than you were the day before is not only rewarding but truly is priceless.