Dedication to Robin Williams (1951-2014) - Aug 23, 2014 BY 'VIN

The Quote that Made Me Have to Write

I read an online article that a friend shared on one of their social media accounts that stated “One person dies from depression every 14 minutes in the US alone”. We need to take more action to create awareness to fight this illness everywhere. There’s already too much bad and negative chi in this world, but as the human society as a whole, I know we have the potential to do better. Some common signs of people in a depressed state is where they look hopeless, empty, have decreased energy, loss of interest + hobbies or showing a form of expression in suicidal thoughts. I want to believe there is good in everyone and to prove that, here's some examples on how to bring awareness not just for the illness of depression, but on taking care of each other and how we can save lives.

Directions and Ideas Needed To Continue

“Boston is leading the way in the ice bucket challenge for ALS awareness.” If you have not heard of this latest trend, then you must be truly disconnected from all news and social media outlets and that is perfectly fine. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Although you should take a moment to see what kind of difference this challenge is making. It is fun, it’s for a good cause, connecting people all over the world and best of all CREATING THE AWARENESS OF ALS. The idea was so brilliant that it automatically became viral. I’m truly hoping that a lot of good outcomes come out of this and that others will follow suit, wanting to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

Constant Reminder and The Small Things

In my time in the the air force, before the start of every weekend, leadership supervisors like the Sargeants or Officers of the team would give a briefing to giving reminders of how to being safe over the weekend. Like safe traveling practices, letting someone know where you are going if you are leaving the local area, among other things. But it’s that courtesy, that few minutes weekly routine that may be a pain, but an important reminder to BE SAFE. People need to have that recap and that understanding of the possible consequences that can creat a negative impact and change lives forever.

Simple Way to Make a Difference Today

If you see any of your friends or family writing negative thoughts anywhere online… Reach out, it does not take much to lend a helping hand or catch up with someone you don’t see or speak to everyday so they can vent and somehow feel better. Or when you see someone not acting like their normal regular self, create meaningful greetings, ask questions or simply start a conversation to help make their day better. The sad reality is that society has this weird aspect to laugh and judge. Sometimes we do not make the attempt to do anything when it is the exact time to do the opposite. If everyone has the mentality that you do not have to do something because you believe someone will, no one will. If we can start building the mentality that you can start a new direction, constantly remind ourselves and others of the small things and attempt to do the simple stuff to help others out everyday, or even as often as possible, all the answers are there. It’s your choice if you want to make the extra effort to bring that extra good the world needs.

It has been almost 2 weeks since the world found out about Robin Williams... every time I see an article being shared, I can't help but attempt to search for a video just to remember why he was such an influence in my earlier childhood and even till this day why I admired his work.

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