Always Give Thanks - MK#0012K18

Sometimes you can see new perspectives when you work your way backwards; Rotation 2018

Constant Gratitude

I finished the ending of the past two years weak. In 2016, at one point I was sleeping in my car, to finally renting a room, and now again renting an apartment which is I'm fine with for present, the short term. We all hit downfalls, struggles... but like how many paraphrase it, it is how you get back up, how you come back stronger. I didn't participate in anything big for Xmas or New Years, I booked a penthouse in Vegas and ending up not going... Yet I'm happy and thankful for having a roof over my head, having food to eat. For the downfall the last quarter of 2017. I can be happy with myself, I can still be me.

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Memories and Future Directions

This is my first blog I've officially written in LA... before LA, I was always traveling... growing in a military family and then joining the service myself... that's all I knew... this year will make it the longest I have ever stayed in one place and I intend to stay and follow through. I never took moments to thank Universal Studios, 1st real part time job in LA county, Room Escape Adventures (I've seen both great teamwork and friendships in all the shows I was able to be a part of. From teenagers to adults being brave to enter a situation where you don't know who will lead and follow the group members. Studying 10 different types of zombies, I find the world war Z and walking dead zombies the most interesting.)... 2017, Blackstone Gaming, TY, introducing me to the casino life where in my 27 years of living I have never experienced. Working 60 hours a week is possible but so draining... not to include it is not to where I could create, to move souls, to make a difference in someone's life, to grow and get better. Now to the present and envisioning uniqueness and being ready for opportunities... the past 365 days circling the Sun. I continued to be part of TV and Film, I performed in my first professional theatre shows in Letters To Eve at the Miles Memorial Playhouse, Santa Monica. For the majority of last year I've lived like I was at the top of the world, but sadly I know now, I was not at my prime and I promise, I still have unfulfilled potential. But it's about having daily motivation, moving in the direction on the path I want to take. We can all make goals, but you can not travel far alone. It takes a team... it takes dedication and execution. That hunger to wanting more... a better life, a life to be proud of... having that wanderlust, a to do list of short and long term goals...

Belief in your Why; To the Rotation Ahead

Believe in yourself, cuz no one will if you don't believe in yourself. For me, I'm the type to carry and push others to the next level... I'd rather take care of others before myself. Cuz I believe once you've felt like you can do anything, sky is no longer the limit, we have the universe... 2018, I'm organizing and executing the beginning of GLC media ent., my clothing line with part of the earnings to giving to different NPOs monthly, my real estate chapter... blogging regularly. Taking my performing to the next level level... Connecting and collaborating more with like minded peopole... I want to establish and pitch my everlasting idea and vision of GOODLIFECRUIZIN which I hope to share with everyone very soon. This is officially my 4th year in LA and I have met quite a few amazing new connections and hope to continue to making new ones. Yeah, I can share my goals and bucketlist for the year... but simply to become more valuable, to always take it up another level. Share that with my day ones, all my fam, friends and those who need the support. That's the Ultimatum. If I get to do that before my time is up. That's my extraordinary original life well lived.

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